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The Belclaire Archive


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The Belclaire Archive is a small-batch shop making hand-wrought jewelry and accessories.
We are based in Maine. Please send questions to


Where to Buy

Where to Buy | Visit our Etsy shop or buy in person at the following retailers: Trillium on Main, Biddeford, Maine More coming soon.


Contact | Email directly at

Returns Exchanges Repairs

Returns Exchanges Repairs | All of my jewelry is shipped with care by my mum ("Maman Belclaire") from out of state and thus it is difficult for us to offer refunds/exchanges. However, please feel free to get in touch if there is anything wrong. We will do our best to replace an item which has left you unsatisfied. We are also able to do small repairs for a $7 fee (to cover shipping). (Continental USA only). Contact me at for more.


Disclaimers | Because all pieces are handmade, imperfections and variations may occur. Our earrings are real ceramic clay, not plastic. They are shaped by hand, not in a mold. Pieces may be more fragile than mass manufactured jewelry and are packed with care, but please contact us if a piece is damaged in transit.  Prices reflect types of metals used. Higher-quality metals are more expensive. Please note metal type in item description. 

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