Luxe hand wrought ceramic jewelry and accessories. 

About & Policies



The Belclaire Archive is a small-batch shop making handmade ceramic earrings. All of the creations of The Belclaire Archive are designed, molded, and set by Sarah Belclaire, from her studio in Maine.

Our silhouettes are inspired by French fashion of the 1960s and incorporate textures and patterns which refer to the history of European decorative arts, including designs inspired by blue china, fine southern European marble, and Gallé glass. 



Because all pieces are handmade, imperfections and variations may occur. My earrings are real ceramic clay, not plastic. They are shaped by hand, not in a mold.
Pieces may be more fragile than mass manufactured jewelry and are packed with care, but please contact Sarah if a piece is damaged in transit. 

Prices reflect types of metals used. Higher-quality metals are more expensive. Please note metal type in item description.